A Christmas Classic.

Something I always wanted but never got the chance. Nana and I decided to get a puppy for Christmas and man was it an experience. Seeing Nana’s reaction walking into the store for the first time is something I’ll never forget. Her name is Meisai and she’s a pomsky and she’s amazing! She’s 3 monthsContinue reading “A Christmas Classic.”

Keeping Friendships Alive By Killing Them. Build A Boss Impressions

Friendships are so strange aren’t they? You spend an extraordinary amount of time buildingthem, You build rapport, you make memories, shit, sometimes you spend more time with your friends than your actual family! But then something happens that we all didn’t sign up for. Some of you will go to college,sometimes in different states “AwwContinue reading “Keeping Friendships Alive By Killing Them. Build A Boss Impressions”