Discord Mods

The best and most trusted in the server, the Discord Mod Squad!

Head of the Mod Squad

“Holy Water”

– every jackbox stream

Nicey, Shountay, the artist, the bringer of the Holy Water. First ever mod added to the discord to help the great cleansing of racist from the server. She will judge the dirty, get the holy water and put them away. She lives off Roblox and ramen it’s impressive.

Voice of reason

“Give me discord nitro!”

– it’s what he wants

Preston, the voice of reason among the mods and Tom’s biggest fan in ACNH. Loves to torture Broadway Vic in anything he can and has become a huge Monster Hunter fan with the release of Rise. He will kill for an Axolotl

“Never give up when you can achieve all your goals”

– apparently writing a self-help book

Zelda is simultaneously an enigma and an open book, which makes her even more of an enigma. She be grinding games like crazy, accumulating over 3000 hours in some. I don’t know how she does it but it’s impressive nonetheless. She is the kindest of the mods but that’s a low bar.

“She told me her favorite color is red, so that’s what I left her on. “

– Born savage

Born a savage, this violin playing spitfire of a character will just as easily destroy you in games as he would tell you he loves Jesus. That’s his dog in the picture, radiating big Chad energy.