Give your deli a run for its money with this Mayo recipe!!

And not just any Mayo, but a Chipotle Mayo! This is such a simple recipe requiring only 5 ingredients and it makes everything better. I’m not joking, friends and family have added this to many things and have yet to say it messes up the taste. I decided to make my own after one ofContinue reading “Give your deli a run for its money with this Mayo recipe!!”

These Gooey Vegan Brownies Just Hit Different.

Hi there and welcome back to another recipe review. This time I am trying out a recipe from someone who liked my last post and honestly, the best thing about starting this blog is looking at the websites of everyone who has liked any of my posts. It’s been a lot of fun looking throughContinue reading “These Gooey Vegan Brownies Just Hit Different.”

A latte that doesn’t give you the jitters?

Hi there, and thanks for taking the time to read this. Today I (Mr. Lightman) am testing out a drink of the caffeine-free variety. I love coffee but every now and then it’s good to switch it up and what better reason than when the Bestie asks. So as a new thing, she picked aContinue reading “A latte that doesn’t give you the jitters?”

The first of many

Hi there and welcome to the first exclusive content for the website where I (Mr. Lightman) will be trying out recipes and having my bestie giving her review on them. First up is a quick sandwich bread recipe that’s easy to make and doesn’t take long to finish, about 3.5 hours total time, that’s aContinue reading “The first of many”