What’s happening at the 149.

We finally hit 400 subs hopefully for the last time. This one was a little harder to cross then the other milestone but it seems this is it. We have a couple of videos coming out in celebration and community streams so that should be fun. One of the most requested videos is THEE BroadwayContinue reading “What’s happening at the 149.”

September 2021 channel update

We were working out what would happen this September and we are finally done setting everything up. The last third of the year is surprisingly where things go the smoothest for us, so we are able to set a schedule. First off, here is what we will be streaming the rest of the month. SundayContinue reading “September 2021 channel update”

Introducing the website

Welcome one and all to the official website of Studio 149. First things first, fuck the alt-right and gamer gate. This is an inclusive community of armchair philosophers, where we ask the serious questions like………. Which animal crossing villager are you? What Pokemon tastes the best? Best game world to live in? How to dealContinue reading “Introducing the website”