It’s October, top 5 candies, fight me!

With Halloween around the corner, here are the top 5 candies all time. I will say ahead of time, Candy Corn? DISGUSTING!!! Circus Peanuts? DISGUSTING!!! Twizzlers? DISGUSTING!!! With that out of the way, here is the top 5! 5. Zozole Now, hard candy might not sound that exciting, but this hard candy is filled withContinue reading “It’s October, top 5 candies, fight me!”

5 Things That Triggered Me in Netflix’s Squid Game (Major Spoilers)

I recently binge-watched Netflix’s Squid Game. Like many others, I was initially pulled in by the impressive production value and was already a fan of somewhat similar shows, like Alice in Borderland. However, the latter half of the show was just abysmal, and I’ll break down the why into 5 main points (roughly chronologically ordered).Continue reading “5 Things That Triggered Me in Netflix’s Squid Game (Major Spoilers)”