Dumb thoughts by smart people


Looking over the post I’ve been working on, Penelope’s was the last one to go up over a month ago. I had a whole schedule I wanted to keep over that time, but things always happen. Thankfully it’s nothing too serious but I was taken out of action and still am because I tore aContinue reading “Update”

AOMG Concert in NYC

Recently I went to a concert to see what has quickly become one of my favorite artist in recent time. Before I continue though, want to say i’m vaccinated and still wear mask and do my best to try and keep everyone and myself safe. I was not gonna miss this concert though since IContinue reading “AOMG Concert in NYC”

A Christmas Classic.

Something I always wanted but never got the chance. Nana and I decided to get a puppy for Christmas and man was it an experience. Seeing Nana’s reaction walking into the store for the first time is something I’ll never forget. Her name is Meisai and she’s a pomsky and she’s amazing! She’s 3 monthsContinue reading “A Christmas Classic.”


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