Looking over the post I’ve been working on, Penelope’s was the last one to go up over a month ago. I had a whole schedule I wanted to keep over that time, but things always happen. Thankfully it’s nothing too serious but I was taken out of action and still am because I tore a muscle on my leg. It was very painful, I was at the hospital for most of a day and am now in crutches, a cast, and pain killers.

It’s funny cause you might think this would be a good time to work on more post but nope. I had doctor visits and dealing with having to wait for the pharmacy to deliver my prescriptions was not a nice time. Have another appointment soon that will allow the doctors to give me a better timeline on how much longer my recovery will take.


I’ve been working on other things like photography and some art that isn’t pixel. Some blog post that will be going up are a couple of concerts I attended with and without a cast. I also am going through the entire Harry Potter series of movies for the first time with someone who is a huge fan.

Thanks for sticking with us though delays and all.

Also, the camera loves Meisai

just look at her

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