Had a recent vacation to celebrate a special occasion and it was wonderful. One of the highlights of said trip was a quick stop we made at Estes Park. A small town that’s known as the base camp of The Rocky Mountain National Park.

A view down the main road of Estes Park

It was a quiet town, and the people were so nice and welcoming. They had a great sweets shop where I bought a lot of treats and an amazing jerky shop where I sampled a lot of the product before I also bought a lot of stuff. I wish I had taken more pictures but I was too caught up in the moment and forgot.

What I will never forget though is the subject of this blog, Penelope’s World Famous burgers and fries. I have had my fair share of burgers and like to think I know what i’m talking about. Penelope’s… were the burgers amazing but first, I absolutely love how the place looks. It’s very old school americana, the colors, music, just the whole atmosphere was a thing of beauty.

The front where you place your order.

The order was an Elk burger, Buffalo burger, loaded potato, and a foot long Buffalo chili dog. I will say right now, the chili was the weakest part of the entire order. It was lacking in spice and the flavor just wasn’t there as much as I would have liked. The rest of the meal though, my oh my did it hit hard.

Foot long Buffalo chili dog with fries.

The loaded potato was “oh my god amazing” as they put it.

Loaded potato is a meal on its own

The main reason why we decided to eat here is the burgers and they delivered on everything here. A big well-seasoned patty cooked to perfection 10/10. The sweet potato fries were nice and crunchy, unlike most places I get them at.

we ordered sweet potato fries to go with the burgers

If I ever go back to Estes Park, I will most definitely go back to eat at Penelope’s. I also highly recommend it after a long hike in the mountains. I really loved this place and they even carried mexi-coke.

love coke

People like to say there is no such thing as American cuisine but restaurants like Penelope’s prove that there is such a thing as an American flavor. I doubt you’ll find burgers like this outside the U.S.

Oh say can you see~

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