AOMG Concert in NYC

Recently I went to a concert to see what has quickly become one of my favorite artist in recent time. Before I continue though, want to say i’m vaccinated and still wear mask and do my best to try and keep everyone and myself safe. I was not gonna miss this concert though since I didn’t expect to ever see her live.

DeVita is amazing, I have been blasting her music consistently since I first heard her ep “Crème” back in 2020. This year she released a new one title “American Gothic” and boy oh boy, not even Red Velvet’s new ep was able to compete against it. DeVita has such an amazing voice, and her range is great, isn’t much else to say really. She might have song of the year on lock and maybe artist too.


The concert was way better than I thought it would be as Coogie was killing it on stage and made the crowd go stupid.

second best part of the show: Coogie

Can’t forget the others who were also performing: Woo, Sogumm, and DJ Wegun.

I’ll be uploading videos of the performances throughout the week and the first one is already up. Hope you enjoy.

Devita performing EVITA!

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