First weird sausage

My journey into the world of sausage making continues and after getting used to the process I decided to get a little experimental.

For my first take at making a sausage I haven’t seen before, I decided to on a Mac and Cheese variety and i’mma say it right now, it came out better than I ever thought it would.

The sausage isn’t flavored to taste like mac and cheese but actually contains it inside. I did a couple of test runs to see what gave me the best feel and flavor. I settled on just having the mac in there plain and then having a variety of cheese types added to the meat.

I hope you excuse the terrible pictures, I didn’t have my regular camera when I made them.

I used a mix of three cheeses: Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Mozzarella in the final product.

the inside of the sausage

I’ll be posting the entire recipe once I get back to my computer.

I don’t know about you readers, but my favorite part of mac and cheese is the slightly burnt edges and this is exactly how these sausages ended up tasting. Seriously, once THEE Broadway Vic first tasted it, he immediately knew what kind of sausages they were.

I’ll be making this recipe again see what I can add to make them better, till next time, thanks for reading and joining me on this journey.


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