Mr. Lightman’s Top 5 Songs of 2021

I don’t really listen to much music outside of what I already like. Most of the new stuff I hear is because of the people I surround myself with.  Last year though, that was special as I had both the Queens and kings return from a hiatus. I won’t lie, I cried as new albums were dropped and music was released from groups that I thought were done. 

This was both super fun to pick and extremely hard to place.  Probably my favorite year in music in a long time.

Number 5

This song is a lot of fun, I can’t help but sing along and dance to it.  I love how the video is a twist on the standard hip hop mv. We rarely see men as the eye candy, also Jack Harlow delivers some iconic lines.

The reaction videos I’ve seen to this video are hilarious, how uncomfortable it makes people is crazy. Loved the video.

Number 4

The first of 3 very difficult choices I made. Twice had an amazing year of releases and their album was even better.  I love everything about the song from its aesthetics to sound, not much I can complain about. 

Even as I’m writing this, I’m still debating on which song I like more between Doughnut, The Feels, and Alcohol Free.  All three songs nailed the feel of their time of release and boy did I enjoy each drop.  I can’t wait for their world tour to come around.

Number 3

The second of the hardest choices I had to make, Red Velvet has quickly become one of my favorite groups of all time and in any other year they would top the list. From the vocals to the dances these artists are always putting out bangers.

Between Queendom and Pose, I spent the most time trying to decide which made the list. As much as I love Queendom and it being the first single from the whole group in a while, something about Pose catches my attention more.  The vocals are great, the harmonies….well there is only one other group I would say does it better and the dance is fun.

Number 2

The last of my hard choices, Limp Bizkit returns after 11 years, and boy was the album amazing. Dad Vibes could have made the list as it’s the first single in six years the group has released but honestly, it probably doesn’t make the top 3 in the album.

“You Bring Out The Worst In Me” is pretty much everything I love about the band. Is it peak Limp Bizkit? No, the bassline is on the weaker side considering they have the Great Sam Rivers that has delivered classics. The Guitar isn’t as complicated as Wes Borland has done in the past and John Otto has had better songs. This song is carried by Fred Durst and as much as people like to drag him, Limp Bizkit wouldn’t be the same without him. 

Number 1

This wasn’t even in question, very rarely does a song have an effect on me to this degree.  From the amazing music video to the lyrics, there is nothing in this song I don’t enjoy. One of the closest things to musical perfection I’ve seen in a long time.

He will go down as a G.O.A.T

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