What’s happening

Sorry for the lack of content on the website, been a crazy time and haven’t had much time to get around to posting on a consistent basis. With the new year just weeks away though, We decided to take a step back and get everything in order. With the personal lives finally starting to calm down and being more manageable, new content is coming to the website that I’m extremely excited for.

For started, new recipes will be going up soon and some taste test will be joining. We’ve be searching the internet and fellow bloggers to see what foods look and sound good. We’ve already done a couple like the vegan brownies and the latte that are amazing! I (Mr. Lightman) will also be blogging about my journey into sausage making, it’s been something I’ve always wanted to try and finally got around to it.

The first of two new recipes will be going up later this week and it’s one of my personal favorites and the sausage blog is being worked on to hopefully also go up this week.

Thanks a lot for reading this and hope you enjoy your holiday!

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