It’s 2021 and Limp Bizkit Still Sucks

Great Cover Art

Is the name of the 6th studio album released by the band. It has been 10 years since their last one, Gold Cobra, and 7 years since the last single, “Endless Slaughter”. As a long time fan of the band I decided to give myself time with the album to really let it set. See how I feel about every song and where it would rank in the Limp Bizkit discography.

To start off, I feel like the album is a culmination of their entire career. Every song feels like it could easily fit in any of the previous albums and be considered a favorite in them. It’s amazing how Limp Bizkit has managed to keep the same sound while simultaneously experimenting with new ones.

The Album starts with 2 great bangers, “Out Of Style” and “Dirty Rotten Bizkit”, both songs reminiscent of their first two albums. The Single, “Dad Vibes”, first debuted at Lollapalooza 2021 and I enjoyed every minute of that performance. Limp Bizkit always manages to make their live performances amazing.

“Turn It Up, Bitch” is lead by the great Sam Rivers and his even better bass playing, that bass line is so fun to listen too. “Don’t Change” is the band covering an INXS song. “You Bring Out The Worst In Me” is a wild song and you can see how Limp Bizkit inspired emo rap.

“Love The Hate” is the band making fun of everyone who says they hate the band while at the same time keeping up with everything they do. “Barnacle” is a very grunge song, something the band hasn’t done often. As a 90’s kid who grew up around the sound, it’s the first thing I thought of as I first heard it.

In “Empty Hole”, the first original acoustic song in the album, Fred takes center stage, and as much as people say he holds the band back, Limp Bizkit wouldn’t be the same without him. “Pill Popper” is no Rage Against The Machine track, but it’s interesting to see Limp Bizkit calling out the big Pharma Industry.

“Snacky Poo” is a very funk rap song talking about social media and everyone doing things for likes. “Goodbye”, described by Wes as a boy band song, may not be the best compared to the likes of EXO and BTR, but it’s a damn good song and great closer.

Overall I loved the album, I consider it one of the best the band has done. Our ranking is based on how many songs are skippable in the album. After taking some time out to think about it, Still Sucks gets a 11/12. “Empty Hole” is probably the weakest song of the album and from my time listening to the whole thing it’s the only one I’ve skipped on more than one occasion.

This was written after 2 weeks of listening to the album multiple times on the train, while exorcising, and cleaning.

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