It’s October, top 5 candies, fight me!

Give me all the candy

With Halloween around the corner, here are the top 5 candies all time. I will say ahead of time,

Candy Corn?


Circus Peanuts?




With that out of the way, here is the top 5!

5. Zozole

A Corner Store Staple in Poland

Now, hard candy might not sound that exciting, but this hard candy is filled with a tasty sour powder and comes in just about any flavor you can imagine. At least by European standards. I could eat a whole bag of these but I wouldn’t recommend, as your tongue will hurt after.

4. Sour Power Straws/ Pico Balla

We don’t endorse soccer on this blog, it’s a boring sport, fight me. The design of this bag pains me and it’s why it ain’t higher. These are way too much fun to rip apart and make a giant ball of the filling. They say don’t play with your food but I can’t help it when I’m eating this candy. On a side note, if you know a place where I can buy them in the U.S, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Sour Power Straws, an old Bronx staple, feeding the new generation at 7:30 am since its inception (probably). It’s a perfect mix of sour and sweet and the new flavors that hit the stores recently taste amazing. It has a lot of varieties, though it might surprise you that watermelon is a bit more sour than passion fruit. This candy is what sour patch kids wishes it was.

3. Chick-O-Stick

The box might say share me but that’s not what I did. Grew up eating these coconut peanut butter candies, buying the small ones for 5 cents and the longer variety for 25 cents. I am only not putting this at number 1 cause some people have nut allergies and can’t have this amazing crunchy candy. Would you have imagined coconut and peanut butter would work as a dream combo? Cause these do and boy are they great.

2. Sweet Tarts

The small variety of this candy is very dangerous, as it’s very addicting and you might end up eating it all by yourself in one sitting. they come in different shapes and sizes and the ropes might be the top variant of this candy. With its hard exterior and soft interior you get a nice mix of sweetness on the outside, party on the inside.

1. Pelon


ENOUGH said.

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