September 2021 channel update

We were working out what would happen this September and we are finally done setting everything up. The last third of the year is surprisingly where things go the smoothest for us, so we are able to set a schedule.

First off, here is what we will be streaming the rest of the month.

  • Sunday is open in case we need to finish some projects up.
  • Monday we are off
  • Tuesday the Halo Franchise playthrough continues as we try to beat all the mainline games in legendary difficulty
  • Wednesday is a variety stream
  • Thursday we will stream some pc games
  • Friday is Pokemon day this month so THEE Broadway Vic will playing different types of pokemon games throughout the month
  • Saturday we have Smash

With that set schedule, we will also be streaming select games on launch day:

  • September 9 Ultra Age should be streamed
  • September 10 Wario Ware Get it Together
  • September 14 Cruis’n Blast
  • September 16 Eastward

With that, Scaretober is right around the corner and we are taking recommendations in the discord but you can also write them in the comments! This year THEE Broadway Vic will be streaming with a face-cam! Can’t wait to enjoy the sweater weather with the community!

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