SNS Week 9 Review

With week 9 of Saturday Night Smash done, here is a quick recap of the results. The stream has been linked for those who would like to watch it.

The night started off with a few changes to the lineup, as personal situations arose for certain contenders. The changes were as followed:

  • Chip vs. Glitchy changed to Zy vs. Glitchy
  • Ford vs. BangBang was removed
  • Newone vs. Kenny was added
  • Zy vs. Zah changed to Chip vs. Zah

Thankfully this didn’t affect the pacing of the show much and we were able to move into the matches quickly.

Week 9 began with Zy vs. the #1 contender, Glitchy, in our standard best of 3.

  1. Terry vs. Mario [W]
  2. Terry vs. Hero [W]

Glitchy, proving why they have the top spot to take on the Champion (Zah), made a clean sweep of Zy, taking both rounds. The latter started a hot debate once again asking, should Hero be banned?

Match 2: Newone Vs. Kenny

  1. Richter vs. Cloud [W]
  2. Simon vs. Pyra/Mythra [W]

This second match was the most interesting one, as Newone is still a rookie compared to the rest. We witness his progress, since he pushed Kenny to his last stock on both rounds.

Match 3: James vs. Preston

  1. Captain Falcon [W] vs. Joker
  2. King K. Rool [W] vs. Yoshi

The third match started out with a mistake, as the stage picked was illegal, so we had to restart. James hasn’t appeared much in the show, so his ranking isn’t representative of his skills. The second round of this match ended in 12 seconds, as James completely demoralized Preston and the latter quit.

Match 4 Chip vs. Zah (Champion)

  1. Shiek vs. Inkling [W]
  2. Pyra/Mythra vs. Inkling [W]

Zah, showing why he’s the Champion, 3-stocked Chip in the first round, only taking 83% damage. Round 2 started off quickly, as Chip picked someone he’s more comfortable with. Zah took the first stock, but Chip said the last round wouldn’t repeat. Chip took 2 stocks from Zah surviving till 142% damage on his last stock before, Zah took the round.

That was a quick recap regarding Week 9 of Saturday Night Smash. Thank you for everyone who participated and we’re looking forward to what’s to come!

One thought on “SNS Week 9 Review

  1. Yeah the first round I almost had it even though I’m pretty happy with myself that I got him down to his last stock both rounds and im DEFINITELY looking forward to next week

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