The Queens Return

On August 16, 2021, the Queens make their grand return as Red Velvet will release their sixth Mini album, Queendom. After a long break that’s seen the release of solo and sub-group projects, Red Velvet is back together in full.

Their last single as a group was Psycho, released December 23, 2019 from “The ReVe Festival: Finale” capping off a trilogy of EPs. Soon after release, the group suffered a setback when Wendy was in an accident and was sidelined for 8 months. Covid put an end to their remaining tour dates and the group soon went on hiatus.

On December 28, 2020, their label, SM Entertainment, announced the group would be making a comeback for their SMTown Live “Culture Humanity” online concert. The concert was broadcast live on January 1, 2021. Their performance was amazing, seeing them perform Bad Boy, Peek-a-boo, and Psycho brought tears to my eyes.

Having just celebrated their 7th anniversary, many are nervous about what the future may hold for Red Velvet. After all, the turnover rate of the Kpop industry (especially for female groups) is no joke, and the last year was no (ice cream) cakewalk for the group. However, if Red Velvet is synonymous with anything, it’s those unforgettable SUMMER BOPS. Therefore, this stan is optimistic.

How much I wish they’d come to NYC for a tour. In the comments, tell me who your bias is, thank you very much.

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